Special drilling

Special drilling in a mine

Special drilling

Styrud Boreal Ltd. offers versatile machinery for building infrastructure and for the needs of mining industry, such as drilling for equipment and production holes. Machines have been developed in a such manner that they are suitable for drilling to every direction, even upwards.

We also offer drilling of well strainer pipes for water establishments and for the lowering of ground water surface in different infrastructure projects.


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Examples of special drilling services

Solid rock holes and production drilling

We offer different sized and directioned solid rock holes for mines and infrastructure industrial needs. Usually there's a need for different equipment holes into which electricity, phone or network cables and water pipes can be installed. We have also drilled large diametered IV-holes underground. The drilling method bases on sunk hammer method.

Our machinery is also suitable for profitable production drilling in open deposit pits and stone quarries.

Screen wells

When a rock is too far but there's enough of groundwater, a well strainer pipe can be implemented. It is made and measured the same way as a bore, but the water goes into a drilled hole through gaps in the well strainer pipe and this way fine materials (sand, gravel and stones) are being removed.

Screen wells can be used to retrieve water or lowering the surface of ground water. By using sunk hammer drilling method, wide diametered well strainer pipes can be installed even into a rocky ground.